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Hello, my name is Leanne McVeigh.

I am the Founder of

The Corporate Therapist.

A global company for Executives, Business Professionals,  Front Line Workers and Private one to one consultations for people dissatisfied with constant stress, anxiety, depression and burnout.

With over 3 decades of experience in the corporate arena, plus training with Bessel Van Der Kolk, The Body Keeps The Score for Effective Mind, Brain and Body Treatments in the transformation of Trauma,  The Corporate Therapist offers a drug free program and reboot for the brain that puts the control back in the hands of the client.

Unlike years of talk therapy our service gives lasting change in as little as one session.


The Corporate Therapist is YOUR advocate in Business and Personal Wellness.

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Our Services


10 out of 10!

I felt like a 3 before we started. 

I feel like a 10 wow!

Thank you that was the best session I have had with a therapist yet!

Satomi / Japan

Another amazing session last week, thanks!  You've been wonderful and so helpful, this is exactly what I wanted!  Worth every cent.  This was so great.  I have been to 7 other therapists and you were the first to help me!  You should charge more.  Seriously.  Everyone is commenting on how happy I am at work now.  I am working out at the gym too.   Thank you and ps love your voice, very soothing.

Jerome / France

You were wonderful darling.  I find it hard to talk about my childhood but you made me feel so safe.  I remembered events that I had long forgotten and hadn't realized they were triggers that were holding me back.  This was so great.  I found my motivation, organization and my focus improved dramatically AND all drug free!  You are so clever my darling.    

Mavae / New Zealand

You have such a great voice.  Very compassionate.  I liked how you gave me my own internal secret tool/weapon to guide me from now on.  Thank you.  I will definitely be able to use that for my new business and for my move to New Zealand.  I will be back!!! lol 

Iris / Netherlands


Brisbane QLD, Australia

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