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The Corporate Therapist opened it's clinic in 2023. 

Providing Clinical researched based therapy through online zoom sessions.      

At the Corporate Therapist we believe in maintaining a positive mindset, inspiring significant partnerships with our clients and always striving for a sincere "love and hope frequency" of self awareness, in our, clinically proven based sessions unique to you.

With the Rapid Transformational Therapy modality,

we can reprogram your mindset, into it's highest

Inspirational vision.

We look forward to meeting you! 

Our Services


10 out of 10!

I felt like a 3 before we started. 

I feel like a 10 now!

Thank you that was the best session I have had with a therapist yet!

Satomi / Japan

Another amazing session last week, thanks!  You've been wonderful and so helpful, this is exactly what I wanted!  Worth every cent.  This was so great.  I have been to 7 other therapists and you were the first to help me!  You should charge more.  Seriously.  Everyone is commenting on how happy I am at work now.  I am working out at the gym too.   Thank you and ps love your voice Leanne!

Jerome / France

You were wonderful darling.  I find it hard to talk about my childhood but you made me feel so safe.  I remembered events that I had long forgotten and hadn't realized they were triggers that were holding me back.  This was so great.  I found my motivation, organization and my focus improved dramatically AND all drug free!  You are so clever my darling.    

Mavae / New Zealand

You have such a great voice.  Very compassionate.  I liked how you gave me my own internal secret tool/weapon to guide me from now on.  Thank you.  I will definitely be able to use that for my new business and for my move to New Zealand.  I will be back!!! lol 

Iris / Netherlands

Bottom line, Leanne’s knowledge is phenomenal, and I could listen to her for hours and hours.   I felt I learnt a lot, just from one session.  I felt like I was a sponge soaking up her knowledge and the more she shared when I asked questions the more I felt my juices were flowing.   I seriously could have worked with her all day.  I love her mentorship.

Berni / Brisbane 

I enjoyed it (our session) I think she is totally on my page in life and work and I appreciated her taking the time to answer my questions.  She has so much knowledge and knows how to explain it in a way you understand it.  Everybody needs this lady in their life.  I love her. 

Julie / Brisbane

Leanne, ensured I felt comfortable and confident, meeting with her, for the past few months.   I felt I could completely open up with my ideas in a non-judgmental environment.  No questions were judged by her.  So important to me as I am new to  starting a business.

Samantha / Tasmania 



Leanne’s caring and ethical manner opened my mind to a different perspective, which has allowed me to redirect my business, in a more professional manner and direction.  Her thorough and expansive knowledge in the business industry was evident, her deliverance was clear and well-articulated, providing me with complete confidence in her ability to advise me at all my personal and professional levels in life.  She got me. 


Peita / Gold Coast 


I would highly recommend Leanne to advise and consult with professionally, with her personal touch,  making you feel supported and confident in your decisions and more confident in moving forward in your business.  I will be back soon, for the next steps.  So good.

Barbara / Brisbane 

You have been my  wonderful business mentor helping me through a traumatic time as I dealt with a difficult employee.  You gave me confidence to learn to step up as an Employer.  You listened without judgement, advised, guided and assisted me.  It was evident you have good business savy and you had this amazing ability to read me and guide me in the correct direction.  I am so thankful for your help  and grateful for your support.  

JJ / Brisbane

I don’t think I have had anyone in my life that calls me wonderful, except you, here and every night on the recording when you tell me I am.  It brings me OUT of myself and I smile every time I think about it.  I am eating better, feeling better.  Just thanks!  Christmas and New Year were the best for a long time.  All that I can say is just Thanks. 

Belinda / Canada


Brisbane QLD, Australia

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